You don’t have to have a master’s degree — or any degree — to continue learning. And you don’t have to be enrolled in college in order to take college level courses, It’s even possible to take graduate level courses from prestigious universities. And you can do it for free.

Using open courseware, it is possible to enlarge your learning. These are courses that schools allow the public to view on an independent study basis. Open courseware can include video lectures and presentations, course syllabi, reading materials and lecture notes, and even assignment suggestions. You won’t receive credit for these classes, but if you enjoy learning, you can take classes from Ivy League school, no matter your salary. If you are interested in open courseware, here are 33 tools that can help you search, browse and bookmark so that you can enhance your learning efforts:

Search: Finding Open Courseware Classes

If you are interested in a specific subject, you can use these search engines to help you figure out where to go. Find multiple classes on a subject so that you can gain a more thorough understanding of the material. These search engines go beyond Google and have features especially suited to helping your search.

  1. OCWFinder: This search engine is the perfect place to start. You can search for open courseware classes on specific subjects, and find what you are looking for.
  2. World Public Library: Use this awesome tool to search thousands of ebooks from around the world. A great place to find reading that will complement your open courseware studies.
  3. Carrot2: This useful search engine is designed to organize your search results into topics. Offers an instant overview. Simply type “open courseware” into the search box and get started.
  4. Quintara: A visual search engine, Quintara can help you find what you are looking for in terms of open courseware. Search by media type, and by category.
  5. Viewzi: Another visual search engine that can help you get an instant look at what is available in terms of open courseware. A great place to get started find free courses.
  6. INFOMINE: This is a scholarly research tool that can help you find information on a variety of subjects. Learn more about a subject area of interest, augmenting your open courseware study efforts.
  7. Boolify: Use this search engine to create Boolean strings that can help you create a comprehensive search. A great tool for putting the pieces together for searching open courseware.
  8. stHrt: Get ready to personalize your open courseware search. Your personalized home page will help you use various search resources to get exactly what you are looking for.
  9. eyePlorer: You can drag a search term into the box to find out more about it. Learn about open courseware, or get help finding more information about a subject of interest.
  10. MelZoo: Type in the term “open courseware” and get a helpfully visual list of results.
  11. Bing: Get help on your search for open courseware. This tool also suggests related searches, and can point you in the right direction.

Browse: Look through Some of the Best Open Courseware Collections

If you are more interested in seeing what’s available in open courseware classes and then choosing something that looks interesting, you can get your start with help from these tools. Includes some great open courseware collections, as well as directories and archives. After starting with the OCW Consortium, you can look into the following tools.

  1. Self Made Scholar: This tool is a great place to go in order to find information about open courseware — and find classes to take on a number of subjects.
  2. Archive Grid: See archives, browse open courseware and other notes. Find the submissions of museums, libraries and collects from around the world.
  3. Khan Academy: Watch videos about different subjects. Get tutoring and help as you learn. An amazing tool.
  4. iBerry: Network with the goal of bringing inexpensive education to the world. Browse a number of subjects.
  5. A World of Ideas: A great resource that offers you the chance to browse lectures, and more.
  6. Stingy Scholar: Free podcosts, open courseware and more. A very useful tool for the self-directed.
  7. TED: Watch interesting lectures and ideas on a number of subjects. Browse these amazing videos and learn more about your world.
  8. MIT OpenCourseWare: One of the best open courseware collections in the world, MIT offers a wide range of available classes for you to browse.
  9. Columbia Interactive: Columbia University offers you the chance to browse courses, and find a wealth of knowledge.
  10. Open University: You will be amazed at this great web tool, allowing you to browse classes by topic, and providing you with an interesting way to study.
  11. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: Amazing resource for the self-learning looking to browse health related open courseware.

Bookmark: Save Your Favorites

You can use social bookmarking sites to enhance your open courseware learning experience. These tools can help you organize your thoughts, as well as help you easily return to your favorite courses and areas of study. Share with others, and  see what others are doing to get ideas of your own.

  1. diigo: Highlight what you have learned, and organize your courseware studies, with help from this social bookmarking tool. A great way for you to enhance and organize the way you learn.
  2. ShareTab: A simple way to organize your open courseware. You can share links, or put links into one tab that is easy to open.
  3. 2Collab: A social way to study. Use this bookmarking tool to research, and then use it to organize and whare what you have found.
  4. gl-am: You can create a link group that puts all your information about one course into a shortened url. You can take notes and compare items. A great tool for open courseware study.
  5. Netvouz: Use keywords to organize and bookmark important courseware items. A great way to share your knowledge – and to organize what you know.
  6. Viewista: This social bookmarking site is all about helping you bookmark items of interest to you. You can use your open courseware urls to create a personalized search engine, and share with others.
  7. BlogMarks: Use keyword tagging to remember your favorite courses, and organize them so that you kind find what you want.
  8. Weave: A terribly helpful Firefox add-on that can help you sync your devices and computers so that it’s easier to help you study no matter where you are.
  9. Google Bookmarks: You can use this function to help you organize your favorite open courseware sites, classes and resources. Great for sharing, and allows you to access from anywhere.
  10. Xmarks: Awesome way to sync your bookmarks, and to organize your favorite open courseware classes.
  11. Evernote: Capture what you want, save notes about your courseware, and highlight. You can use this to go back and find what you are looking for.

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